Thinking about moving to the Windy City?

Wondering if living in Chicago is right for you?

Chicago is one of the greatest cities that the United States has to offer. Whether you’re a single moving to a larger city for the first time or hoping to raise a family, Chicago has the attractions, amenities, and atmosphere that is sure to please.

Below we’ll look at the some of the top reasons living in Chicago is so great and may just be the perfect choice for you.

1. The City is Easy to Navigate

While most American cities are primarily meant for driving, Chicago has plenty of options for getting around, While plenty of people do own a car in Chicago, there are also plenty of other ways to get from Point A to Point B.

Walking and biking are two popular options. The city is one the flattest in the country, meaning you won’t have to take any long hikes up hills to get to the grocery store or the coffee shop like you would in a city like Seattle or Pittsburgh. Chicago is also very accommodating for cyclists and has plenty of dedicated lanes, trails, and parks to venture through.

Public transport in Chicago is also not to be scoffed at. The city’s ‘L’ train system along with extensive bus routes can easily get you just about anywhere you need to go.

2. There’s No Shortage of Shopping or Dining Options

Chicago is also the place to be if you like to go on a spending spree every now and then and buy luxury fashion or amazing cuisine.

Luxury and upscale shopping options and fashion outlets can be found in the “Magnificent Mile” and Michigan Avenue or throughout the city in various locations. It’s called the Magnificent Mile for a reason, as the area features a huge number of shops and places to spend your hard-earned money.

Chicago is also not a stranger to making waves in the culinary scene either. The city features options for just about any type of food that tickles your fancy.

Whether you’re interested in delicious ethnic fusion restaurants, vegan cuisine, or the famous Chicago-style hot dogs and deep dish pizza that the city is known for, you have plenty of options to choose from.

3. Education Matters

Chicagoans are also among some of the most educated people in the country and the city is home to some world-class universities that stand out from the crowd. The University of Chicago is well-known and brings in many students from all around the Midwest, the country, and the world. Nearby Evanston also makes waves with Northwestern University.

There are many more universities and colleges in the Chicago area as well, and many students choose to stay in Chicago after college. Because of this, the city has become a well-educated, cultured, and open-minded city that is a wonderful place to live.

4. Chicago Has a Creative Side

Perhaps somewhat due to the influence of the city’s universities, Chicago is a haven for artists and creative types. Across the city, you’ll find diverse and interesting museums, art galleries, concerts, and more cultural happenings than you’ll know what to do with.

The Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum of Contemporary Art are world-class institutions that are amazing for art lovers, but Chicago is also no stranger to world-class performances as well.

Chicago is known by many as a great place for live theatre and is also the home of improv comedy. There are plenty of small and large theatres to experience the theatrical arts, stand-up, improv, and dance.

5. Chicago Loves Sports

While Chicagoans may love the arts, that doesn’t mean they aren’t sports fanatics as well. It’s hard to leave your apartment without hearing some mention of Chicago sports. This is probably the city has so many different teams to root for.

Chicago claims not only one, but two MLB baseball teams, the Chicago Cubs, and the Chicago White Sox. There’s also the Chicago Bears, the Chicago Blackhawks, the Chicago Wildcats, and the Chicago Bulls, meaning you’ll have a place among sports fans here no matter what your favorite sport happens to be.

6. There’s a Neighborhood For Everybody

Chicago is a city full of different neighborhoods, all of which have their own distinct personalities and a variety of different things to offer residents.

Chicago neighborhoods even have their own stereotypes associated with them. Logan Square is known to be a bit more for hip, creative types, for example.

Whether you prefer to live close to the lake in Lakeview or Rogers Park, or you plan to be closer to the loop’s tall buildings, you have a lot of options to choose from. However, each neighborhood will offer anything you’ll need within walking distance. You’ll also have easy access to the other neighborhoods of the city.

7. You’ll Experience Every Season Living in Chicago

While Chicago is most known for its cold, harsh weather during the winter, the truth is that Chicagoans experience every season.

Residents of Florida and San Diego may get to enjoy a similar climate year-round. However, they don’t get to experience the interesting highs and lows that living in Chicago can bring. When you live in Chicago, you’ll experience layers of snow in the winter but you’ll also experience warm summers that are packed with outdoor festivals and events.

When the summer does roll around in the city it creates a wonderful atmosphere that brings people together. Perhaps because of its prolonged absence, summer is all the more enjoyable once it does arrive.

8. Chicago Has the Best Parks

Speaking of summer, Chicago also has the best parks. Chicago parks rise above plenty of other major cities and have a lot to offer residents. Chicago’s parks are truly first-class and are great for joggers, cyclists, and anyone who wants to spend some time away from the busy city streets.

The city is situated along the great lake, Lake Michigan. While many people know about the Navy Pier, even better is the lakefront trail that extends 18-miles along the coast, and past the pier, both north and south.

The city also has a stunning river running through it that you can see up close on a boat tour or overlook while dining at a local restaurant. Millenium Park is also well-known by visitors to the city, along with its signature piece of art, the “Chicago Bean”.

9. Chicago Knows How to Throw Events

Whether you’re interested in music festivals, amazing culinary events, theatrical events, or country fairs, Chicago has you covered. The city has no shortage of special events throughout every part of the year and there’s always something going on every week and weekend.

For music lovers, there’s the wonderful Lollapalooza, the Chicago Jazz Festival, and many other music events throughout the year. Meanwhile, Taste of Chicago among plenty of other festivals can give your taste buds a whirl.

Holidays are also great in Chicago. There are always special events for St. Patricks Day, Halloween, Christmas, and any other occasion you may feel like celebrating throughout the year.

Final Thoughts

When living in Chicago, you’ll be a part of a vibrant city that has a lot going for it. You’ll have everything you need to have a quality lifestyle and plenty to do, see, and experience, no matter where your interests lie.

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