Chicago is one of the most dynamic cities in the United States, and it’s known for its baseball, culture, and amazing architecture.

Whether you’re just visiting or planning to move, there are plenty of incredible places to eat in Lakeview Chicago.

This dynamic neighborhood has a lot to offer, and great restaurants are just part of its charm. Check out these nine incredible restaurants you should definitely check out while in Lakeview.


Lakeview Has it All for Delicious Food

For newcomers and long-timers alike, there are plenty of incredible places to eat in Lakeview Chicago. Whether you want a sweet custard dessert or a local beer, you’re sure to find it all here.

Explore the neighborhood and see how many amazing restaurants you can discover to expand your dining horizons.

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1. DMK Burger Bar

If delicious burgers are what you crave, you have to give DMK Burger Bar a try. This awesome restaurant offers an incredible assortment of creative tops that will entice the burger connoisseur. 

The smashed-patty burgers are always cooked to perfection, and you can choose from a wide variety of toppings for added flavor. Be sure to check out the No. 4 featuring sweet and hot roasted hatch green chile. This masterpiece also includes Sonoma jack cheese, a fried egg, and crispy smoked bacon.

You can make your burger a double for just three dollars more. The fries are also delicious, so be sure to add a side of those with your meal for a memorable lunch or dinner.

2. Vegetarian Paradise: Chicago Diner

The Chicago Diner is one of the best places to eat in Lakeview Chicago for vegetarians. Even people who love meat flock to this popular restaurant due to its dynamic menu.

Brunch is served daily here, but the weekend wait can be rather long. Instead, head over for a delicious vegetarian dish like the tofu and vegetable soy bowl.

The huge menu makes this place a great option for vegetarians. They even have amazing desserts like a vegan caramel crunch torte and vegan milkshakes.

3. Southport Grocery and Cafe

This charming spot is well-known for its famous cupcakes. Their desserts are moist and filling with a thick layer of sugary icing over flavors like chocolate and vanilla.

You can buy a single cupcake or grab a dozen for your friends. Aside from the cupcakes, the Southport Grocery and Cafe has an impressive lunch and dinner menu.

Try their awesome breakfasts too featuring French toast and rosemary roasted ham. A great lunch option is the albacore tuna melt that’s a great choice for seafood lovers.

4. Try mfk for Unique Places to Eat in Lakeview Chicago

With a Spanish-influenced menu, mfk offers thoughtful dishes made with fresh ingredients. The menu consists of four sections including bar bites, veggie dishes, grilled seafood, and larger meals made to feed several people.

Try their bar bites featuring cured anchovies laid on buttered bread topped with a touch of lemon peel. Tempura fried avocado is another favorite and tastes amazing with a squeeze of lime on top.

You can also go bigger with their Spanish tortilla featuring a savory potato and onion omelet. If you’re looking for something adventurous and new, mfk is the spot.

5. Crisp

Nothing says delicious quite like fried