As the third largest city in the United States, Chicago succeeds in many areas. The number one is having amazingly livable neighborhoods.

Lakeview is a historical, yet up-and-coming neighborhood that you need to check out.

If you’re planning a move to or within Chicago, Lakeview checks every box on your list. This fabulous neighborhood has the character of old Chicago with modern amenities. And, there are plenty of units ready for renting.

Interested in learning more about Lakeview, Chicago? Keep reading for the top four reasons you’ll love this awesome neighborhood.

1. The Location is Exceptional

City-dwellers know how crucial the location of your apartment is. The center is where all the action happens. Move outside the center and you find some amazing neighborhoods.

Lakeview sits North of the downtown Loop by five miles. To the East is Lake Michigan, and to the West is Roscoe Village.

It has easy access to the main highways 41, 19, and the I-90. The O’Hare Airport is a short 30-minute drive from Lakeview via the I-90.

If you prefer to take public transit, Lakeview has plenty of routes running through it. You get easy access to the red, brown, and purple lines. Some of the many bus routes going through Lakeview are 77 Belmont, 76 Diversity, 36 Broadway, and 8 Halsted.

Whether you need to fly across the county or go shopping downtown, it’s all within reach in Lakeview.

2. The Gorgeous Buildings and Scenery

The history of Chicago is fascinating. Lakeview played an integral part of that history, and it shows in the architecture.

In 1889, Chicago saw a real estate boom and construction boost. The city had endured a devastating fire that squandered most of the buildings. As it rebuilt, the opening of Wrigley Field truly signified a new era.

The sub-neighborhoods of Lakeview got established during this time. Many of the original buildings from the late 1800s-early 1900s are still standing. Some key features of these historic buildings are steel-framed glass and sacred architecture.

As you tour Lakeview, keep an eye out for the Waveland Clock Tower and the Alta Vista Terrace District. They represent the honored and respected history of Chicago.

The Great Lake Michigan

You can’t discuss Lakeview scenery without emphasizing its proximity to Lake Michigan. Residents get exceptionally easy access to the shore.

The Chicago Yacht Club lives here along with the Belmont Harbor. Dock your boat for the season or take it out on the lake. Or, take lessons to learn to sail.

The trails along the lake’s shore are picturesque, to say the least.

Along with the dozens of green space parks in Lakeview, the shores offer tons of space for exploring. Walk, run, hike, or cycle through. Take your kids to the playground or have a picnic along the way.

3. The Amazing Restaurants and Entertainment

Chicago is not a city you can get bored in, especially not in Lakeview. Outside of the quiet side streets, there’s always something going on.

Spend an evening watching the Cubs play at Wrigley. See a play in the Belmont Theater District. Sip on some brews during the annual Craft Beer Festival.

There’s no shortage of comedy clubs, live music venues, and fun bars to check out. Even the restaurants in Lakeview are impressive. Here are a few you need to try for yourself.

Southport Grocery and Café

No matter where you move, finding an awesome brunch spot is on the list of must-dos. If you move to Lakeview, it’s super easy. Southport Grocery and Café has the best brunch in all of Chicago.

The atmosphere is homey and rustic. As the name suggests, there are shelves of gourmet grocery items you can buy. And, the bread pudding pancakes are mouth-watering.

Tango Sur

Just like having a good brunch spot, everyone needs a great steak spot. Tango Sur prepares delicious steak dinners for a fraction of the chain prices. They put an Argentinian spin on all their dishes.

This restaurant is dark, crowded, and moody. It’s BYOB which further makes it an awesome Lakeview establishment.  

Kitchen 17

Prefer to eat a vegan or vegetarian diet? Kitchen 17 will be your new go-to in Lakeview. This quaint restaurant offers vegan twists on all your fave dishes.