Apartment living can feel cramped at times. And living in an apartment usually means less storage space and less square feet overall. But what if we told you that it didn’t have to feel this way?

No, we can’t magically transform your 2,000 square foot apartment into a 4,000 square foot house. But what we can do is help you get the most out of the space that you do have. And by doing this, your small apartment just might feel like that spacious house.

If you’re ready to use a little feng shui and start arranging furniture today, then keep reading for a quick guide on how to arrange furniture for maximum space!

Use Appropriately Sized Furniture

If possible, before buying furniture for your apartment make sure you take down some measurements. The first step in maximizing your space is to use appropriately sized furniture. Furniture that’s too big for an area will take up more space than you want it to.

Large furniture may cause crowding. You want to keep open as much space as possible, especially spaces with high traffic volumes.

Keep Heavy Traffic Areas Open

To provide the easiest flow throughout your apartment, you need to keep heavy traffic areas open. Think about entryways, hallways, and such.

Keep these places clear of clutter and unnecessary furniture or items. There should be enough space for people to pass without tripping over one another or the furniture. You should be able to walk through a room without trouble.

So remember to keep enough space between each piece of furniture.

Maintain Cleanliness

Storage options may be minimal in apartments. Unlike a house with a garage, shed, and other storage options, apartments can only offer so much storage space. So how do you maintain cleanliness and clean up the clutter?

Consider purchasing furniture with convenient storage built into it. Some couches have middle sections that open for storage purposes. You can place your remotes, favorite magazines, and more in there.

There are coffee tables that have storage built-in at the bottom. End tables, dining tables, bed frames, and many other furniture pieces have extra storage options. This is a great way to keep the clutter hidden!

Allow For Optimal Lighting

Natural lighting can make any small space feel open and inviting. So be sure to avoid placing large pieces of furniture in front of windows. Arranging furniture to welcome in the light helps give the room a larger feel.

Whether natural light is an option for your apartment or not, you should also have a lot of indoor lighting available. Sometimes, you can’t control the direction your windows face and will need as much inside lighting as possible. The lighting in a room should be balanced so be sure to include the lighting of all varieties and styles.

You can use floor lamps, table lamps, hanging light pieces, or even light fixtures that rest on shelves. Just be sure to have enough lighting at all levels.

Create A Functional Space When Arranging Furniture

The space in any room should always be functional. Think about each room and what you use that room for the most. The furniture’s layout should reflect what activity is done most there.

Living rooms should have a circular seating arrangement for an optimal sense of community. If you enjoy watching televisions in the living room, then having the opening of the circle directed towards the tv.

Bedrooms should make you feel relaxed. So try to avoid placing a desk or any electronics in them. The bed should be the focal point with two end tables on either side for balance.

The bathrooms should be as bright as possible. Add lots of plants and mirrors to open up space. And remember to always keep the area clean.

Let Your Furniture Breathe

Although you may feel tempted to push the furniture up against the wall, don’t. Allow space between the wall and your furniture so your furniture can breathe. Depending on how big the room determines how much space you can leave between the wall and furniture.

But leaving even a little bit of space will help make the room feel larger than it is. And for rooms that give you lots of space to play with, move furniture around and give lots of space between the furniture and wall.

Experiment & Make Changes

Everyone’s apartment or living space is different. And the furniture that we have or buy is always different as well. So there’s no way to say exactly how your furniture should be placed.

So play around with it a bit. Don’t feel discouraged if you don’t get it right the first time. It may take a couple of times to get the furniture just right.

Your furniture can be arranged in many different ways. You don’t hav