Old Town Apartments

Old town is one of the finest neighborhoods Chicago has to offer. Neighbored by Lincoln Park and the Gold Coast, Old Town stands out among the crowd with Wells Street as the main thoroughfare and several of the oldest buildings in the city, including one of the only seven buildings to survive the great Chicago fire. Wells Street is known for its restaurants and bars with excellent outdoor seating as well as hosting Old Town’s abundant street festivals. The perfect street for apartment living. Enjoy the two best art fairs in the city in Old Town and Old Town Triangle, they cannot be beat! Residents can enjoy the convenience of being right next to beautiful Lincoln Park and North Avenue beach. Old Town’s classic entertainment venues, Steppenwolf Theatre and Second City Comedy Club, mix with the new entertainment of Kings and Arc Light Cinemas at New City giving this neighborhood the best of all your entertainment needs. You can enjoy all the amenities Michigan Avenue has to offer right at your fingertips. If you work in Chicago’s central business district do not fret, you are only twenty minutes or less from work!

For more information on Old Town contact the Old Town Merchants and Residents Association at www.oldtownchicago.org.