Let Chicago Apartment Place, Inc. help you in your search!

Finding an apartment is no easy feat, not when you have a shopping list filled with must-haves, and nowhere seems to meet your expectations. Don’t panic, though; you won’t be left empty-handed. At Chicago Apartment Place, Inc. we have a selection of beautiful apartments in one of the most popular areas in the state: Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood. All of our buildings in Lakeview are very well maintained, so you can rest assured that you are getting a high-quality apartment. Let’s take a walk through Lakeview so that you can feel confident in your search for a Lakeview apartment.


Why Move To Lakeview?

The Place To Be

Everything you need from a place to live can be found in Lakeview, Chicago. It’s anchored by a stretch of the shore to the east and is accessible by two train stops along with buses and highways. Lakeview is one of the liveliest places to live in Chicago, and there are so many reasons why! A group of beautiful neighborhoods is joined together to create a secure, lakefront community, including Boystown and Wrigleyville. These areas are distinctive for their community spirit and their welcoming approach to visitors, and it’s these qualities that make Lakeview the place to be.

Love To Shop?

If you’re a fan of fashion, you’ll adore bustling commercial districts that sit alongside Broadway Street, Southport Avenue, Halsted Street, and Lincoln Avenue. Whether you’re looking for something vintage or you want to shop along the designer lines, you’ll find something to buy. Lakeview is busy with locally-owned shops and boutiques that are just one of a kind. There are shops, bars, pubs, and restaurants to enjoy, and if you’re a lover of food, the restaurants really will make you sing. 


There is an active arts and culture scene, with tons of live music venues and street festival to enjoy. Those who love dance and the theater will find something they enjoy, especially in the Belmont Theater District.

Outdoor Life

Lakeview is an urban playground, densely packed with attractions from Lincoln Park and Lake Michigan to the harbor, tennis courts, and a golf driving range. There’s a dog beach which is immensely popular with the locals, as well as excellent walking trails and places to jog. 

Wrigley Field

Are you really living in Lakeview if you’re not a Cubs fan? We didn’t think so! Being in close proximity to Wrigley Field is a massive attraction of living in Lakeview, and the scene on the street alone is worth living within walking distance of the stadium.


All About Lakeview Housing

Some new apartment buildings are being thrown up all the time, but it does vary. You can find high-rises right alongside the courtyard buildings and single-family homes. The three-bedroom homes are often in short supply given their popularity, particularly if you’re looking to be close to the lake. Lakeview is also filled with studio apartments and one-bedroom apartments. 


You’ll also find an abundance of Chicago 4+1 buildings. These are four floors of apartments above the lobby, and they’re very common in Lakeview East. Many of the owners of Lakeview properties have worked to upgrade kitchens and bathrooms in a big way over the years in the 4+1 buildings. This can only work in your favor when looking for somewhere to live. Courtyard buildings are very common in Lakeview East, and these are arranged around an open area that is central. These have six to eight apartments that open off each lobby and face the courtyard, allowing some beautiful views into the space. These were almost all built in the 1920s, and not many have air conditioning.


Lakeview is known for the high rise apartments near the lake itself. These older buildings are often being renovated and let out, and these should be included in your search for a new apartment. While you’re at it, think about the many lofts that are available in Lakeview. There are still lots of them available, and there is usually a decent selection!

Why Choose Chicago Apartment Place, Inc.

Our whole aim is to help you – as a tenant – to get the most out of your rental experience. We want to ensure that no matter where you live in Lakeview, you are happy and settled, ready to be a part of the community. Lakeview is a popular place to live with a vibrant culture and lots to offer. With one call today, you could be on your way to your new property.